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NINES members


Visiting professor


Phd students

  • Vincent Coppé
    Research interest: Redundancy in the discretisation of partial differential equations.
  • Adrian Ebert
    Research interest: QMC, Bayesian inversion.
  • Yuya Suzuki
    Research interest: QMC, its applications to finance and physics.
  • Pieterjan Robbe
    Research interest: Efficient numerical methods for elliptic PDEs with random coefficients.
  • Dong Nguyen
    Research interest: QMC, exponential convergence.
  • Peter Opsomer
    Research interest: asymptotic analysis, orthogonal polynomials, scattering problems and boundary element methods.
  • Roel Matthysen
    Research interest: fast function approximation with Fourier series and frames.

Former members

  • Dr. Nele Lejon
  • Dr. Gowri Suryanarayana
  • Dr. Nico Achtsis
  • Dr. Alfredo Deaño
  • Dr. Andreas Asheim
  • Dr. Haiyong Wang
  • Prof. Kyung Joong Kim
  • Dr. Koen Poppe
  • Dr. Vasile Sinescu
  • Prof. Emeritus Ann Haegemans
    Co-author of CUBPACK.
  • Dr. Mike Matton
    Research Engineer at VRT Research & Innovation.
  • Dr. Bart Vandewoestyne
    Senior Development Engineer Software at Esterline, developing training and simulation software.
  • Prof. Emeritus Robert Piessens
    Co-author of the famous QUADPACK.
  • Dr. Tim Pillards
    Working for Dexia bank.

More from the past...

  • Hilde Govaert
  • Tom Michiels
  • KyungJoong Kim (KOSEF fellow)
  • Erich Novak (fellow K.U.Leuven Research Council)
  • Peter Kravanja
  • Pierre Verlinden
  • Erwin Goor
  • Bart Maerten
  • Jan Verschelde
  • Luc Pluym
  • Marc Beckers
  • ...