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CUBPACK is a package dealing with automatic integration of functions over one or more-dimensional regions.


The package is written in Fortran 95.

We restricted ourselves to a subset of the new language features of Fortran 90. The current version not only compiles successfully with Fortran 95 compilers, but also the F compiler can deal with it.


CUBPACK is available in source form for research purposes only. You are free to modify and extend this software, provided full credit is always given to this original and that this file and other information files are always included. You may not ignore the fact that what you see is the result of a very long term project.

Note that anything free comes without guarantee...

To obtain a login and pasword to download the source please email the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The organization you work for
  3. Your E-mail address
  4. Your postal address
  5. Your fax number
  6. The software is available for research purposes only, so please describe the research project the software will be used for


The current distributed version of CUBPACK is able to compute integrals in n dimensions, including n=1. This is the fourth distributed version (October 2002) and comments are very welcome.

  1. The first version was restricted to at most 3 dimensions and was available starting August 1999.
  2. The second version was available starting August 2001.
  3. The third version was available in July 2002.

If you registered and obtained a password (see the section Availability), you can download the Fortran source.

People involved

  • Ronald Cools [info] [site]
  • Ann Haegemans [info]
  • Bart Maerten
  • Erwin Goor
  • Alan Genz


The development of this software started at the Department of Computer Science of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1991.


The publications concerning the CUBPACK package (as well as the Cubpack++ package) can be found in this extensive PDF publication list. The most recent publication is:

  1. R. Cools and A. Haegemans. Algorithm 824: CUBPACK: A Package for Automatic Cubature; Framework Description. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, Vol. 29(3) pp. 287-296. 2003.